Livable Design

House as the most essential needs for every human being, has to be a long-term asset whose design needs to be thoughtfully mature and livable. There are many studies mentioning that the quality of a house can affect the quality of life of its occupants. Not only understand the structure and construction, it is also important to be able implying the harmony through the materials usage and colors selection to shape in the design.

We all agree that every person or family member has unique needs, which should be considered by the designer before creating the residential concept. Awarding the client’s specific demand is the main keys and it is part of the responsibility for every designer in order to attaining of making a safely and comfortably house for the client. In order to constructing a long term period for the house, the function of each room needs to have the ability of adaptation following to the profile of the house owner. In example, newly married couples are advised to choose a flexible design because family needs will change over the time, from the beginning of the presence of children until the children growing up. Meanwhile designing efficient rooms in a house with a limited field is recommended so that no space is wasted, along with arranging the interior to give the spacious glimpse inside the house.

Another primary aspect need to thinking about is a healthy environment of a house with a sufficient air circulation and natural lighting supply. Setting the vents and windows in a right spot around the house can obtain both of these aspects. The main purpose of ventilation is to keep air circulation running properly so that the oxygen supply is enough for each family member. Lack of oxygen might cause the house become stuffy and unhealthy.

Building a new home is a big step for every family. With the services from our reliable designer in Dplussign Architecture and Interior Design Studio, the forthcoming homeowners do not have to bother themselves to make sure the perfect result. We properly design the livable house with the high dedication, to ensure the family will certainly live happily. A house is not just a place to unwind after a day’s work, but it should have beyond purpose such a healthy, safe, and convenient place to life.


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