New Trend: Sustainable Design Residency

Sustainable design has become one of the most remarkable phrases for architecture design industry in recent years, along with the development of current trend and technology. The sustainable living architecture is a new evolution concept providing solutions to improve all aspects of life, in particular healthy environment. Human population has growth rapidly in each year. Therefore, we encourage you to realize the important of sustainable living concept for your residential design without diminishing the luxurious and sophisticated look to make an impression to anyone who paying a visit or permanently stay.

In several countries, sustainable concept is constantly used in designing the residential and its aspects. Covering all aspects starting from selection in basic materials, building structures and economic aspects related costing to incur for the construction workers. By supporting a sustainable habitation, it will give us a point of view on how our choices affecting the present. The highest achievement of contributing through sustainable architecture is to completely eliminate the negative impact on the environment through design approach, established the commitment by avoiding using non-renewable materials such as peat and weathered limestone, but utilizing non-toxic materials such as natural lumber, clay plaster, straw bales and mortar instead.

In Dplussign Architecture and Interior Design Studio, we delighted to convey our ideas to build a residency in supporting healthy environment, which might be perfect to those who have an interest in helping to create an establishment that bringing a positive impact to the environment. Find out what kind of architecture design concept that do not damage the environment yet maximizing an aesthetic habitation that speaks of your dreams.

Contact our talented team to assist you to build your healthy environment to make the world a better place to live.
Hotline : 08155165057

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