Thematic Design for Living

Interior Design in Surabaya

We understand each clients’ uniqueness require uniquely designed space for them to abide. It is in our believe that every space in a building is a actually conveying a message that represents particular function preference and character. On the other hand, architecture and interior works also have the potential to shape people’s behavior and mood. Surely it is important t create a design that especially crafted to reveal our client’s identity and character.

Graha Natura Carnation-3In Dplussign Architecture and Interior Design Studio, we are specialized in “Thematic Design” where we regard style as merely reference to help our clients define their personality and preference, not as a limitation of our designs. We prefer a thematic design approach that transcends styles and broaden our perspective to new possibilities of eclectic style that gives soul to the whole thematic journey.

We call it “Modern Glamour”. It is merely an intersection of two contrasting styles: the sleek, clean and edgy vs the fanciful, decadent and exquisite. This style will allow you to integrate and marry the best elements of the design world, creating something wonderful in the process. It is the delicate balance of the two that makes a space interesting and relevant. In short, Modern Glamour is controlled eclecticism. It’s a style that allows designer to unexpectedly integrate, marry and pose the best element of design world, creating something wonderful in the process.

The “American Classic” design is one of the most favorite looks for interior in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta. When it comes to American Classic style, we associate the style with a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere which is accessorized with quite a number of simple adornments. The typical elements of the room designed using this style scheme can be found in few of our projects in Surabaya too.

Let’s opt for oversized furniture in either simple, patterned fabrics or genuine are the number one choice in American Classic homes. The color scheme are typically consists of muted-color palette with colors such as cream and ivory white dominating each room. The contrasting color typically comes from the woodwork made out of hardwood that is used throughout the house – from the furniture used such as cabinetry and dining room set, to the little things such mantle, windows, as well as rims and molding.

Contact our talented team to make the place of your dream space comes true.
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