Prime Royal Hotel, Surabaya

This five storeys hotel is located in the central area of Surabaya with quite a strategic location, 5 minutes walking distance to nearby mall, BG Junction, and great access to what the city has to offer. Aiming to be a boutique hotel with 3 to 4 star hotel standards, this hotel is unique in its design. With around 14 rooms in each floor, every room has different design. My company had the priviledge to design 2 types of superior and deluxe rooms, several suite rooms, the multifunction room and also the outdoor cafe.
The design concept is tropical modern, so lots of wood grain texture for the furniture was used. To give it a more spacious and glamourous ambience, I used plenty of mirrors. I always like  to use contrast colors, layering dark colours on light ones and using bright, vibrant colors to accentuate the room. I usually prefer neutral, monochromatic tone for general colours, mostly for the furniture, and adding pastel or vibrant colours for the furnishing.
Hotel design actually is pretty simple, mostly to serve the function of the room, creating a hotel signature ambience, while maintaining an efficient budget. With quite a tight budget, we were responsible to deliver good design with affordable price. So we used plywood material and laminated surface


Deluxe Room



Deluxe Room

For the deluxe room, I used light cream colour for the walls and dark wood grain laminated surface for the furniture and combine it with cream furnishing. Giving it a warm and inviting ambience for the room.


Superior Room


Superior Room

In the superior room I used dark brown for the wall for warming effect and ivory wood grain texture for the furniture to contrast it. Giving it a simple and clean look for a simple and comfty superior room.


Executive Suite – Living Dining Area


Executive Suite – Bedroom

In this hotel, we design 2 suite rooms with different design in each room. In the executive suite, we design the living and dining area as one union, and using the drop ceiling with dark grey colour to differentiate the area. Bedroom area was located in the adjacent room and was designed with same colour tone and ambience. Dark wood grain laminate surface was also used for the furniture to give it a more solid look. I also used black ducco gloss finish and mirrors to give a glam edge to the room. Colourful owner’s Bali abstract paintings and patterned rugs were used to accentuate the room.


Junior Suite 1


Junior Suite 1


Junior Suite 2


Junior Suite 2


Junior Suite 2


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