Inspiring Design and Designer

A professional and talented interior designer is one of the primary aspects to visualize your inspirations. An extraordinary and pleasant house need a combination of a unique plans and creativity along with the designer’s skills. In this month of September, we want to talk about architecture designs that inspire us and also award-wining designers that inspire us who succeed building an attractive and exceptional residence in all over the world.

Firstly we would like to talk about Martin Lawrence Bullard, an English celebrity designer, who is currently based in Los Angeles. Ever since he become a talented designer, his masterpiece consistently showcasing his great talent and been used by many high profile clients, along with the collaboration with the well-known brand manufacturers. Martyn mastered the impressive skills of personalized design, combined with his unrivaled attention to detail and commitment to perfection that made him significantly recognized amongst the international designers. His work has been published thousands times worldwide; including one of the most memorable project, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian’s mansion, which become one of the best-selling editions have been published of all time. In addition to his dedication in designing a beautiful residence, Martyn also oversees the interior design for several well-known hospitality properties throughout the world.

Another inspiring person is an Australia-based interior designer, Greg Natale, who has made some achievements in the interior design industry in Australia since 2001 he joining in this business. Greg won many awards that make him well known for his skills of making perfection look effortless, combining extraordinary patterns and colors, then applying in his design to give the impression of glamorous and sophistication final result. Greg is currently expanding his expertise on using patterns, lines and colors in his designs, exploring his passion for symmetrical and natural-look designs by adding carpets, wallpapers, tiles, and thematic furniture. Greg’s artworks have been recognized worldwide, which allows him to collaborate with many exclusive local and global brands.

The last but not least is a British interior designer, Sophie Paterson, who has an international reputation through her unique chic interior style. Her design shows how rustic chic can be perfect choice to create a luxurious and charming impression in your comfy house. The main point is the balance of basic elements combine with a luxurious touch to show a relaxed yet sophisticated look into your house. Her great creativity truly inspired us in fulfilling your wishes, for instance to designing a modern or conventional house without reducing its beauty. You may add her characteristic style into your home ideas to make an impressive for those who come into your place.

Share your home dreams from an inspiring design you have seen, or favorite designers who inspired you to our professional and talented teams. We are here to providing a bespoke design exclusively for you and we ready in assisting to visualized your dreams.


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